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Counselling works with you personally to help you overcome your anxiety.

However you may not yet be sure if counselling is right for you.

In this instance these courses or resources may be beneficial for you to help you understand your anxiety better and teach you some skills and techniques that can help you manage your anxiety and learn ways to calm yourself

I hope these resources and courses are helpful to you.

 If you would like further support to help you introduce these skills into your life then booking some counselling sessions could be beneficial to you.

Relaxation Techniques

  Understanding Anxiety


         Managing your

           Panic Attacks

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    The Fear Ladder

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    A 1 hour masterclass for £7.50
   Monday 28th February 7pm-8pm

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This Masterclass is for you if you struggle with anxiety and would like to learn ways to manage and reduce your anxiety.

In this ABC of Anxiety I cover 3 areas ANXIETY, BEHAVIOURS, COGNITIONS

A is for ANXIETY- I explain what anxiety is and why you feel so awful when you are anxious

B is for Behaviours - I talk about behaviours you may be engaging in that actually increase your anxiety and give you techniques to help you change these behaviours.

C is for Cognitions - Cognitions are your thoughts that lead to anxiety, I'll give you some tools to help you change these thoughts and reduce your anxiety

By the end of the Masterclass you will have a better understanding of anxiety and how you can help yourself reduce your aniety.

This 1 hour Masterclass is only £7.50 and will be running on Monday 28th February 7pm-8pm via ZOOM

If you register today, click on the box above, you will reserve your space and a registration form will be sent to you when registration opens on 18th February

If  you would like to build on what you learnt in the Masterclass you can move on to the 6 week E-mail course, helping you to build a tool-kit that helps you manage and reduce your anxiety
(not a substitute for counselling but will help you gain better control of your anxiety)

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In 6 weeks learn tools and techniques that help you calm your anxiety

By the end of the course you will have

  • A better understanding of your anxiety

  • Know how to relax and live in the moment

  • Understand and practice Mindfulness

  • Know what the 10 Unhelpful thinking styles are 

  • Understand how to reframe those unhelpful thoughts

  • Have a step by step approach to calming down more quickly

  • Make your own anxiety prevention plan

  • Have a toolbox of tools to help you better manage your anxiety

In 6 weeks I guide you through how to live a calmer life and be more able to cope with your moments of anxiety and panic

Waking up feeling anxious or having that 'on edge' feeling all day

is exhausting & unsettling.

Weeks 1 & 3 focus on breathing & grounding techniques and mindfulness exercises that help you feel calm and relaxed & take away that 'on edge' feeling.

Do you suddenly get that anxious feeling for no reason whatsoever or have panic attacks out of the blue?

Weeks 3 & 4 tell you what do to when this happens so you can calm yourself more quickly and stop the panic attacks.

Do your thoughts spiral out of control leading you to get more and more anxious?

Weeks 2 & 5 guide you through proven techniques that help you manage your thoughts so they don't get out of control.

This is not a substitute for counselling, but you can learn some essential skills to help calm you down in moments of anxiety or panic.

Fully guided video tutorials, workbooks and practice exercises help you learn the skills in an easy and simple format

Course feedback

"I already knew some of these things but didnt know how to use them to help me calm my anxiety when it was happening, This course gave me some easy to follow techniques that I can use in those moments-they really work"

"The video tutorials are very helpful, I also like my handy reminder card"

"I have been filling in my diary and practicing my breathing day and night and I really feel this is making a difference to the start of my day, thank-you"

"This is really helpful, especially as I can download things and work at my own pace"