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Counselling Contract

                                            Below are the terms of the counselling contract you agree to undertake

                                                         when you start counselling with SeeClear Counselling.

Please confirm via e-mail ( that you have read, understood and agree to the terms below


To be available at the agreed time

                                                                Face to Face I will be available in my office at the time agreed

                                                                Video- A Zoom invite will be sent and it is your responsibility to click the link at the time of                                                                           appointment

                                                                Telephone- I prefer to use Zoom with its secure encryption, so will send you a zoom invite, however you can just enable the microphone and do not need to enable the camera.

If you feel more comfortable that I call you on a mobile phone I would prefer to call you via Whats App as this is a more secure route.

Or I can call you on a landline of your choice.

To start and end on time-each session is 50 minutes

To offer a quiet, undisturbed and confidential space-- If Video or telephone I advise you to find a quiet, undisturbed space for the call.

To maintain safe and professional boundaries

To regard all information received as confidential, unless there is reasonable doubt concerning the safety of the client or others

Any indication of violation of the following Acts will need to be reported to the necessary authorities

  • The Childrens Act 1989/2004

  • The Terroism Act 2000

  • The Drug Trafficking Act 1994


To encourage client autonomy

If an appointment has to be cancelled at short notice offer an alternative appointment ASAP

Give sufficient notice of holidays or cancelled sessions

To work within the BACP Ethical Framework and have regular supervision

To review the therapeutic work and therapeutic relationship at regular intervals


To attend all sessions punctually

  • Face to Face you will need to attend my office at the agreed time

  •  Video-it is your responsibility to click on the zoom link forwarded to you at the agreed time and enable your microphone and camera

  •  Telephone-It is your responsibility to click on the zoom link forwarded to you at the agreed time and enable your microphone, but not your camera.

  •  If we have agreed mobile telephone calls please add me to your Whats App contacts and I will call you at the agreed time. (in case charges may be incurred by yourself)

  •  If landline is the preferred route I will call you at the agreed time (in case charges may be incurred by yourself) 

To give a minimum of 24 hours notice if cancelling/changing an appointment (if notice is given with less than 24 hours notice the full fee will be payable. As payment is required 24 hours prior to the appointment this will prevent any debt occuring)

Communication  with the counsellor outside agreed counselling sessions is limited to changing or cancelling appointments, unless prior agreement has been arranged.

To be respectful of the counsellor and her property

To pay the agreed fee of £30 for the initial assessment session at least 24 hours in advance,  via BACS,  to reserve the initial appointment  (details will be provided on booking the appointment). If not received within 24 hours this appointment will be cancelled

To pay £60 for each subsequent session

  • Face to Face either cash at the start of the session or BACS 24 hours prior to the appointment

  • Telephone or Video BACS payment 24 hours prior to the appointment

  •  (AUK clients will pay me directly after the 1st two appointments)

 If payment is not received 24 hours before the session the counsellor has the right to cancel that session

To discuss with the counsellor when you feel ready to end counselling, to enable a safe ending to your  therapy

To let the counsellor know if you are considering any other therapy

Please refer to this contract if you have any queries during your therapy

Your e-mail confirming your agreement to this contract will be destroyed at the end of your  counselling

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