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Counselling falls under the umbrella term "talking therapies" it allows you to discuss your problems and any difficult feelings in a safe and confidential place.

Counselling can help you understand yourself better and help with the way you think, which will ultimately help you develop a clearer understanding of your problems.

Counselling can help you understand how you interpret other peoples words and actions. This will help you to make decisions based on your own thoughts and feelings.

Counselling is not a "quick fix" but more of a process. A process through which you can come to a greater understanding of yourself and your relationships with other people. Through this process emerges the possibility of change, helping you to engage with the world and those around you in a more satisfying way.


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Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to your partner, friends or family about personal issues, difficult feelings or things that are worrying you.


Talking to me as your  counsellor may be easier, I am not here to tell you what to do, I do not give you concrete advice or a checklist of things to do to feel better. As your  counsellor I help you uncover your own insights and understanding of your problems, providing you with the tools to help you resolve them on your own.

Counselling is about you being heard. As your counsellor I will work alongside you so that we build a relationship based on trust, understanding and respect, allowing you to have a safe place to explore, develop and change.

Counselling is not the same experience for everyone, that is why as your counsellor I work with you at a pace that feels right for you.

Counselling will only be useful to you if you feel comfortable, safe and truly listened  to.

Counselling is a journey, which we take together.