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              Customer Testimonials

 What do previous clients have to say about SeeClear Counselling? 

My counselling journey with SeeClear Counselling was great.

It helped me move from a place of negative anxiety and depression, that would stop me from putting myself in social situations, to a place where I feel confident and can manage my anxiety.

The sessions were professional and calm, with a difficult session here and there, but support was provided for me throughout.

I would definitley recommend SeeClear Counselling.

"Since working with you I feel my mood has improved, I have less "down days" and my relationships with my family are better. I like this safe place where I can offload each week

This is one of the best counselling experiences I have received.

I was listened to and put at ease with my problems.

Laura helped me find new ways of how to think and feel about myself, and the people around me.

Coming to SeeClear Counselling has given me the outlet I needed to talk about my feelings in a safe place and I would definitely recommend Laura's service to others.

Laura is fabulous-it's all taken at your own speed and she listens

I cannot thank Laura enough.

   I felt broken and so down at the beginning-she listened, she helped and made me feel safe and secure.

My mind finally feels free and clear.

Thank you so much

Laura was very professional and welcoming from the start. I was apprehensive to start with as I had never had counselling before and thought it would be really scary, formal & the counsellor would be busy taking notes as I spoke. Fortunately it was nothing like that!

Laura was engaging and so easy to talk to and trust. I never felt judged or misunderstood and I always left the sessions feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I am amazed at how far these sessions have helped me progress emotionally and mentally.

I have felt I have been able to discuss anything, in a safe environment.

I am so pleased I chose SeeClear Counselling to help me understand myself better and let me live a better life.

Thank you so much for really understanding my needs and helping me to move forward in a more positive way.

As a counsellor I feel you are empathic and listen well.

Laura is patient and makes you feel very comfortable and like what your saying is OK to say.

I never felt pressurised, went at the right pace and I felt I was being listened to.

I feel counselling was a worthwhile experience and one that I would recommend to anyone feeling down about thier current situation..

I would like to thank you Laura for the help and support you provided me over the last 12 weeks.

I really was quite afraid and anxious about it but you really helped me get through quite a difficult and unexpected time in my life and I very much appreciate you being able to provide a safe space for me to explore my feelings and finding a clear way forward.