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6 weeks to a calmer you

  • 42Days
  • 20Steps


Counselling works with you personally to help you overcome your anxiety. However there may be many reasons why counselling is not right for you at the moment, maybe you are not yet ready for counselling, can't afford counselling, cant find the time for counselling, or prefer to work on your anxiety by yourself For the cost of one counselling session this 6 week course helps you to build your own Anxiety Relief Tool Box from the comfort of your home. By the end of the course you will have ​ # A better understanding of your anxiety # Know how to relax and live in the moment # Understand and practice Mindfulness # Know what the 10 Unhelpful thinking styles are # Understand how to reframe those unhelpful thoughts # Have a step by step approach to calming down more quickly # Make your own anxiety prevention plan # Have a toolbox of tools to help you better manage your anxiety This is not a substitute for counselling, but a starting point for you to understand anxiety and learn some tools and techniques to help you reduce your feelings of anxiety.

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